Top Dental Mistakes to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

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How to Overcome the Most Common Oral Health Misconceptions From not flossing to skipping dental visits, there are many seemingly harmless habits people have when it comes to oral health that can lead to serious problems down the road. So to avoid the risk of encountering these problems, here’s a look at the most common …
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How Your Oral Health is Connected to the Rest of the Body

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A Look at the Mouth-Body Connection When It Comes to Your Health Most people understand the importance of regularly brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist to prevent cavities and other oral health problems. However, many people don’t realize that oral health is connected to all parts of the body, not just the mouth. Here’s a …
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Developing Good Oral Health Habits

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How to Take Care of Your Teeth to Maintain Good Oral Health While brushing your teeth every day is often a no-brainer, maintaining good oral health involves so much more than that. In fact, many people aren’t aware of the importance of having a thorough oral health routine, or the impact that not taking care …
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The Proper Way to Floss

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A Guide to Proper Flossing Technique – Prevent Plaque Build-Up and Gum Disease We all know flossing is important. Your dentist isn’t asking you about your flossing habits for nothing, after all. But what exactly is the correct way to floss, and how often should you floss? Here’s a guide to help answer some of …
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