Busting Bad Breath (Halitosis)

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Causes of Halitosis and Treatments to Get Rid of Bad Breath Chronic bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be a very embarrassing problem that many people face. Halitosis can be caused by a lot of things, from diet and lifestyle to dental hygiene and other factors, such as underlying health conditions. While halitosis is …
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Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

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A Look at the Purpose of Wisdom Teeth and Causes for Wisdom Teeth Removal Wisdom teeth are our third and final set of molars to grow. They don’t quite fit in many people’s mouths and can become problematic, leading to getting them extracted. For others, they come in just fine, and some don’t have them …
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Wisdom About Wisdom Teeth

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Everything You Need to Know About Those Extra Molars Are you experiencing pain or infection in the back of your mouth? You may need wisdom teeth surgery. But what are wisdom teeth exactly, and why do so many need them removed? What can you expect during and after surgery? Here’s the wisdom about wisdom teeth to answer …
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