Woman in her third trimester wears long red dress

The Importance of Maintaining Oral Health Throughout Every Stage of Pregnancy From morning sickness and heartburn to fatigue and swollen feet, pregnancy affects nearly every part of a woman’s body, and oral health is no exception. As your hormones change throughout your pregnancy, you might not realize that it can also affect the health of […]

Black and white photo of a senior woman wearing glasses smiles

A Look at When It’s Time to Visit a Denture Clinic While no one looks forward to getting dentures, dentures can help improve smiles while making eating a lot easier. And contrary to popular belief, dentures are also not only for older people. Young people get dentures too. Tooth loss can happen at any time […]

Technician demonstrating dental implants

A Look at the Popular Tooth Implant Option to Replace Missing Teeth You’ve likely heard of dental implants at some point. But do you ever wonder how dental implants work, or what they are exactly? Dental implants are an increasingly popular option to replace teeth, support full and partial dentures, and ensure ongoing oral health. […]